Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are deeply sorry to announce that we are no longer providing entertainment on the evening of October the 20th. Due to an ill-timed kitchen cutlery catastrophe, we will not be performing. We’ll keep you informed in regards to our upcoming schedule. Thanks for the support!

-the DewDroppers-

Hey Folks,

We’ve been long overdue for an update, so here’s what we’ve been up to…

We just wrapped up a summer workshop with the Dick & Jane Project called “Insteption” during which we worked with high school students as well as middle-school lyricists to collaboratively create some pretty rad tunes playing some styles we don’t often get around to.

Since we have finished up with the Dick & Jane Project for now, we’ve been able to get back to honing our own music — which means….. NEW TUNES! We are hard at work developing several new numbers to freshen up the set. We’ve got new snappy swang, soulful shuffles, sea faring waltzes, and everything in between.

In addition to all the new material, we are also taking the time to breathe some new life into our older tunes and we owe a lot to Joseph “Brenny Goodman” Brenneman. If you haven’t seen Brenny play with the Drops, you are in for a treat. As the newest member, he has been infusing all our new material, as well as old, with Dixieland Clarinet and some exceptionally sexy Tenor Sax. In shows to come you can also expect to see more of the vocal stylings of Adam “Raggedy Dandy” Nedrow, as we begin to incorporate his Lead vocal into original tunes.

Tune in soon for another update regarding upcoming DewDroppers events, including another 400W Rich Party just in time for Halloween!


Welcome one and all! The DewDroppers have been having a heck of a couple of months….(You might be able to tell by the severe lack of website updating). But no more of that. Thanks again to all the beautiful people that helped make February’s Sweetheart Dance one of the most successful shows we’ve had to date.

I hate making lists, and sincerely apologize if I leave any key people off…but sincere thanks are in order:

Way Yes – irreplaceable party starter
Chris Sherman – host
Andrew Dodson – expert in sound organization
Phil Liddell – assistant in sound organization
Zach Henkel – the best door guy you’ll ever find
Andrew Graham – expert in light placement
Andrew Gallagher – expert in debauchery and discovery
Zachariah Baird – chief announcer and love maker
Philip Kim – assistant announcer and love pusher
Joe Camerlengo – lover/producer/hype man
Nina Hernandez – baker extraordinaire
Lauren Lever – assistant baker extraordinaire
Aubrey Lykins – assistant baker extraordinaire
Mike Heslop – enormous PA system donator
Ana Underman – decoration maker extraordinaire

And again to all of you wonderful people, who helped make the party what is was by coming out to drink, dance, and be merry.

swangya later,

Hey folks,

We have decided to take a brief hiatus to rustle up some new tunes for you and give ourselves a chance to work all the kinks out of our new four-piece outfit. Chances are you won’t be seeing much of us before the end of the year, but there’s chatter of another swingin’ DewDrop event in the works and a slew of new releases throughout 2012. If you enjoyed yourself at the summer’s Sadie Hawkins, or if you missed it and are looking to get your swang on, keep your eyes peeled for further details. We are also thinking of doing some traveling in the Spring so all you out of town Dew-enthusiasts let us know if you can help us put something together in your neck of the woods.

the DewDroppers